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Special Pizza

Much like our favorite pizza, we all have different sauce recipes. We have different unique combinations of topings. It’s like how we have different personalities , backgrounds ,and interests. No two people are exactly the same. Each have their own demons and their own light they can bring to the world. We have to embark on an never ending journey of self -discovery. We must constantly examine ourselves as we change . We are special Pizza created by different places , with different sauces, and different topings. We are all pizza or humans. We all crave human interaction. We all want to be loved and wanted. Some are blessed with wonderful people in their lives. They are blessed with great upbringing which have taught them well about self-love. There are others however, that have to work at this self-love thing. We have issues within we battle or another way I like to state it, we have our own demons. Some face mental illness and daily must strive to overcome things that come a little harder to us then must. I for one, have multiple diagnosis. I face these demons daily. I have learned to ask myself,”Is this Shannon or is this bipolar? ” and so forth . I love all my makings as a unique pizza but, I just am also acknowledging that also means loving me that is bipolar. That is just one of my illnesses I face personally that I choose to survive with. I understand that with my type of bipolar comes severe depression that seems never ending. It’s only followed by hypomania. I have days I drag myself out of bed to face life. I have nights I can’t sleep even a minute . On top of my struggles of sleeping , come my extreme roller coaster emotions. I feel deeply. I sometimes express this in a way that isn’t appropriate enough if I’m feeling hurt emotionally. I know this unhealthy way is better than it once was. I don’t constantly get into fist fights,scream, or thrown things . I do however sometimes raise my voice inappropriately and am sometimes a bit threatening. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t easily do this. I do this when provoked. I do things when I am overwhelmed and angry. It’s when I feel unheard or unseen. I believe we all need some self -evaluation time on a regular basis. So, this will be that time. Let’s see what your pizza is like. What sauce makes your pizza ,where’s your pizza from,and how could your recipe be improved?


1) Name five things that describe your personality. Are you a talker? Are you shy? Are you sweet? Are you a flirt?

2) What are your triggers? Do you have road rage? Is it a blinker not being used that makes your blood boil? Is it being ignored?

3) How do your react to being triggered? Do you curse? Do you yell? Hit? Throw things?

4) Have you improved over the years or gotten worse ? Why?

5)What are three areas you need work on? Are you poor at communicating? Are you paranoid and run with these paranoid thoughts ? Do you have a bad temper that needs controlled?

7) What goals do you have to be a better version of you? How you going to achieve these?

8) What obstacles do you face? Are you bipolar? Depression? Do you have anxiety?

Image source: Naples Pizza

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