Mental health, Self love-Self Worth-Rediscovery

Good verses evil of a broken soul

A little broken is one way to describe my current state of being. I guess, I strive to be so strong that finally when I have hit bottom it’s like an egg falling from a ten story window. Then I’m left to put me back into a shell that’s in pieces . I’m left to fix me. I’m left to do it all, alone. I apologize that parts ot me never leave the pavement. To say I’ll never be the same is such an understatement. We all impact people’s lives daily. I’ve had the misfortune of being impacted more of the ugliness then beauty I long for. I try to be the beauty in this world but it’s a struggle even for me. I try to find positive things in my daily life. I work for bettering who I was yesterday somehow. If only I’m a bit happier ..a bit more..I have dealt with the evilest sides of many and I’ve picked myself up from that pavement more times then I can count. Every interaction we have is either evil or good. We are either the good of the interaction or we are evil. There’s no grey. It’s solely black or white. Good or evil . I’m nowhere near perfect but I try to be better each interaction.


1)Would you consider yourself putting out mostly good or evil?

2) How do you feel about your impact? Do you want to be better?

3) Do you believe if you put good out then good comes?

4) Do you have any amends to make?

Remember each day is new. It’s a new opportunity to be a better version of you! The world is full of horrible actions and hurtful words..Be the rebel!

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