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You’re My Favorite Addiction… (Still)

I’m supposed to be over this hold you have over me. Our love story began as young adults and over the years, we’ve changed . It just seems we have always been two people who run from each other only to be like magnets returning to each other’s side. I know we are both extremely messed up;jaded by life. We never were shown how to show love appropriately but countless times we’ve tried only to destruct..and repeat. You’ve hurt me more than anyone ever has. It is so amazing to me how we just fit when we are friends…Yet are we ever just friends? No. We know better than deny the thoughts and attraction. Not to mention the level of psychotic we both get over each other whether in protection mode or jealousy. Any guy I’ve hung around, always knew the moment you walked in, he had no shot. I seen you literally fling five females off you who were ready for anything sexually ya wanted but, the moment our eyes locked, it was pointless for them even try. I always loved that about us. It’s strange how you’re like my favorite drug. The sad thing about a drug ? As much as it gives you a feeling so out of this world, it also has the power to end your existence in this world. There’s never consistency, stability,and safety in our lives together. It’s the highest highs and the lowest lows. I’ve tried so many times to believe just maybe this time …only to be crushed .. you’re my addiction and it’s bittersweet. The best and the worst for me all in one.

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