Dating Life to Married Lovers

How you got me…the secret to forever love revealed!

I asked myself how… of all the people in the world, you got me. You’ve got a spot in my heart that is reserved for eternity. I have this magnetic connection when it comes to us. It’s like, you are a complex, challenging, and amazing man. You never have seen yourself like I’ve seen you. I just want you to see you as I do. I have seen your worst and best. I ask how you got me because noone else could fill this spot you have. You’re different.

  • I love your magnetic smile that is contagious to all you meet.
  • I love the way you defend and protect others you love.
  • I love how you are so intelligent and my go to when I need answers about my car or an illness.
  • I love how you enjoy adventures.
  • You’re my favorite person to vacation with as I know we will share new experiences and meet some rounded people .
  • Oh how I love your positive attitude during a struggle
  • I love how you sing to me
  • I love how we dance together randomly
  • I love how you say baby when you are excited
  • I love how you have faint freckles on your cheeks
  • And yes I love our long talks laying side by side
  • I love how you are an amazing chef
  • I love your breakfast in bed treats
  • I love how you lay your head on my lap
  • I love your arms around me
  • I love our sex
  • I love how strong you are and you show no fear life or death
  • I love how you seem to get me at times I’m crazy
  • I love if I needed you, you’ve shown you’ll be there.

Sometimes I ask what gives people like us a chance to love . What makes a heart grow fonder?

I believe waiting for sex and establishing clear boundaries are key. I don’t become hooked on people and drop people easily even when they seem to feel I’m more into them then I am truly. I know you were the same yet after long talks, refusal to be a hot one night stand, and appreciating myself enough to not settle, these made us have a shot to open up for loving each other . Some where there hearts on their sleeves….Others are behind massive walls yet are larger. Climbing walls is what our talks done for us. It’s what our friendship blessed us with. It’s what we must continue to do anytime a wall is present. I never want you to doubt my love as the more you love me, the more I give back.

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