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Break Up Makeover Musts!

So, you’ve recently had a relationship come to an end. There are so many emotions going on after a split. No matter who ended the relationship. A relationship can take a toll on self confidence especially when there are issues of cheating. No matter the cause, a makeover always made me feel so much better. I think it symbolized a new start or least I felt prepared for this beginning. As a woman, I always had to do something new with my hair. I don’t think this is a bad idea for men as a fresh shave or a new cut works the same. Next, I made myself up and tried new techniques with my makeup. After that, it was on to the new outfits. I think men and women alike could use a shopping adventure to feel confident as a newly single person.

It isnt just the outside looks though, every person should take time to work on the inner makeover too. See, we invest ourselves into these relationships with hopes of outcomes that are favorable. If you’re dating for the right cause, that outcome is death do you part . As a result, we give ourselves and so after breakups we must rediscover ourselves again . We change; relationships will cause us to change. It’s normal.

Once you’ve got out of a relationship, the healing must begin. This is the time that you should stay single and work on you. This is needed if you plan to reconcile or if you’ve decided it is best to move forward separately . So….go get that hair cut, ladies do some makeup investments & tweaking, and buy a few cute outfits on sale! Next, check out some printable worksheets to work on the inner you! You owe this to yourself.

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