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Secret to the Bad Luck Dating Streak, ladies!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been in those baffling situations where things seemed almost perfect …and BAM! He’s gone! (WTF?!) Maybe it has happened to you more than once…twice…or you’d like to not count or least admit, the times…

See, I see myself as a heck of a catch and rather attractive honestly speaking. I’ve obtained multiple degrees. On top of my smarts, I am a homeowner. I work hard. I am loyal, committed, funny, and that’s just a little of what I bring to the plate. (Okay, so not lacking confidence or self love haha)…

However, I have a horrible dating track record! I have zero issues attracting interest of many men, and do so not trying to. I really sometimes wish for less date proposals and more money making opportunities from legit business owners…(btw if somebody is single, doesn’t mean looking …and also some people are one hundred percent happy and content without feeling a need or want for relationships..)

Back on topic… sooooo horrible streak in the dating area in my past which baffled me over the years… (We all have pasts! Don’t judge! Lol)

I have been cheated on (Wow, that is a painful blow!) I have been ghosted (umm why? Totally missed out on an awesome chick dude…)

I’ve been ghosted(Wow! I seen this as totally immature when we were supposed to be dating exclusively!)

And that’s just the beginning into my bad luck streak! I’ve been hit with some low blows…really low!

So.. why? This has been a lingering question for years …..

Can you relate?

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I simply didn’t get any of my bad luck at all! With tear stained cheeks, I set our on a mission to discover my answers ….Was it me? Can I fix this? ….How? ….

Since my entire thirty something year’s we’re pain filled with heartbreaks and disappointment , I owed myself this much ….Plus, I truly didn’t feel I had it in me to handle anymore pain from caring or loving another human being…I was beyond exhausted…

I had to know…

I wondered to myself :
Did I attract this heartache somehow?
Was it something said or done? What? Ugh…

I knew my issues all too well..I was very self aware..I knew that I was once worse with my struggles yet it just felt the better I got, the more bad things happened in my dating life!

I knew I had some problems with jealousy and with abandonment. I had an attachment disorder which basically meant I’m avoidant and distant at first…And there it takes work from me in my inner self….

I went online researching and reading articles after article …I purchased ebooks and paperbacks online.

Here’s some of what I’ve learned from experience, self examination,and tons od research…..

When we have a good thing going, it can make a person a bot valunerable. That in return can lead to insecurities popping up within….  Men and women alike, are put off by behaviors such as clingy behavior, desperate acting beahvior, controlling remarks and actions, jealousy, lack of trust in the relationship, roller-coaster emotions with intensity,and any of these would make anyone overwhelmed…..

Some reasons are beyond our control, such as he or she isn’t over past hurts …

Another reason may be he or she isn’t emotionally available due to past pains of childhood or adulthood….

He or she could also be unhappy with his or herself and/or their life …

He or she just may be too busy with their own thing to have time or energy to date …

He or she may have some mental illness not addressed or being taken care of correctly…Or maybe new medicine or obstacles due to those.

It can be his own issues as examples show above…

But it can also be you …your actions…your words …

Stay tuned as this is part one of a small series which will answer all those guys wrenching questions!

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