Dating Life to Married Lovers

Secret To the Bad Luck Dating Streak,Ladies !(part two)

When things don’t go right or make sense, we are left wondering: What happened? …Why did it happen?…

Was it something you said or done?

Was it his own issues ?

When we are dumped,cheated on,or ghosted, it affects us….It can cause insecurities if we allow it…. and it can lead to depression too…

We can feel overwhelmed….sad…and well …. just plain hurt….

The reason a guy may run may be his own issues , true. It may be you are pushing him to run as well…or both even…

You always need to work on stuff within as this isn’t an occasional challenge. We always should be self aware.

The biggest thing I’ve noted replayed by experiences , observations, and research , were that almost every time one or both parties lacked confidence and /or self love! Each time, I also seen one or both needed some more healing in their own demons of past or present …..


How do you know if it is you who needs to heal, have more confidence, and/or more self love?

Well …rethink past relationships ans be honest with yourself .. Ask—-

What would I do differently?

Was I controlling or jealous ?

& So forth …

You need a mindset that you are fixing you .. Today not tomorrow….

Next, stay present with reality instead of allowing imaginary day dreams with possible potential with “if he would” and alike.

Don’t go making plans of possible futures with marriage and babies when you’re not at that step yet.

Keep in the present so you don’t tant the real future by not being present, presently.

Learn to say “no!” Dont be agreeable just to keep peace. It isn’t attractive and you won’t be respected for it.

Avoid situations you know contributed to failures of past relationships.. (such may be too much time together)

Support his passions. Don’t discourage him from his dream or hobbies.

I repeat this one :Be self aware .

Set goals and reach for the sky.

Seek counseling as someone to talk to won’t hurt none.

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