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12 Ways We Destroy Potentially Great Relationships!

  • How our friends and family see our relationship and our mate can influence how we do as well…We feel more comfortable and confident with our Lovers when they’re accepted by our loved ones. Sometimes, men and women let their friends or family have too much information,input,and weight on how we see things or deal with them ..
  • We listen to others advice and guidance they give…Some may have good intentions but be off base and you should know your lover best therefore , remember each relationship is different…so is each person.
  • My way or the highway views/black and white only views ….here’s a newsflash, we aren’t always right isn’t black and white ….
  • We give too much of ourselves when it’s not matched with another giving themselves….
  • We jump in way too fast. Don’t rush it…Take your time….
  • We compare our partners to past Lovers. This is clearly a diaster in the making .
  • We compare ourselves with their exs.. remember they aren’t with them for reasons .
  • We focus on the future too much and aren’t present in the here and now
  • We don’t listen to our guts…it almost always is right ya know
  • We have negative views of relationships or our preference of sex to date(males or females)….
  • We try to be too cool and not real about our dislikes and likes….
  • We try to fix the other person.

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