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25 Signs Someone Had a Traumatic Childhood!

Unwilling to take risk

  1. Overwhelmed with fears
  2. Recluse /keeps to themselves
  3. Attention hungry
  4. Clingy
  5. Jealous acting
  6. Without prompt lacks trust
  7. Controlling
  8. Needy
  9. Distant
  10. Fear to commit
  11. Promiscuous
  12. Secretive
  13. Self destructive
  14. Eager to push limits or boundaries
  15. Wreck- less acting
  16. Anxious
  17. Depressed
  18. Hot cold acting
  19. OCD /PTSD / depression diagnosis
  20. Confusion on boundaries
  21. Extreme strict boundaries with touch
  22. Dislike of being alone
  23. Bounces from relationship to relationship
  24. Rarely date
  25. Talk of sex alot

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