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Can You Make Relationships Last like the Older Generations did?

DIVORCE RATES are through the roof with relationships failing. We all have seen it happen…Maybe it was a broken hearted friend that you seen in her white gown a couple yrs before with a glimmer in her eyes… Possibly though we gave our all, to feel heartbroken ourselves…It is a feeling like no other around when you come to this realization that one person is no longer fully in the relationship or not at all….. Sometimes we don’t feel they loved or cared like us…..Whether it’s marriage or long term relationships, the sting is there. So, I ask..What does it take to make love last? What secrets or tips could the older generations give us? I’m not talking staying married for the sake of the commitment alone, I am wanting love there too. It has became clear over the course of this ongoing research that , women seem to talk more freely about the subject then the males. That doesn’t mean they have more insight , just that males aren’t the same about communication like the ladies. Females talk to talk while men like talking for a goal. Along my research thusfar, here is what I’ve learned:

  • Couple’s should always have date nights .
  • They need to be able to joke and laugh regularly.
  • They’ve got to learn to let go of grudge’s.
  • Pick their battles.
  • Stay faithful.
  • Let each other vent.
  • Be each other’s best friends .
  • Keep it spicy in the bedroom.
  • Show physical affection daily.
  • Enjoy time together doing things such as backroading or golfing.
  • Retain individuality.
  • Kiss like ya mean it.
  • Talk daily.
  • Ask “How’s your day?”
  • Have alone time.
  • Have time apart some.
  • We change , get to know each other regularly.
  • Communication is key.
  • Mind your money. Save for the emergencies and future.(401k)
  • Keep the bedroom spicy.
  • Go down. If ya want it then give it folks.
  • Think of new ways to express your love. Do those and say it.
  • Put the other person as a priority.
  • Celebrate together. You get a raise, celebrate it. He or she accomplish something? Make it special.
  • Take time to relax. Relax alone. Relax together. Don’t let life’s stress get ya down.
  • Show your lover they are important in your life.
  • Give hugs.
  • Thank them for what they do right. Often people express negative but don’t encourage positive behaviors .
  • Enjoy adventures together working as a team.
  • Do things as a family if there are kids involved especially. Take your parenting roles seriously.

What other things would you add? Have questions for the couple’s in love after fifty years still?

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