Dating Life to Married Lovers

6 Ways to DEFEAT Depression!

  1. Become more active . Do you exercise? If not, start! I know you may not feel up to this physical activity but it is a sword against the dragon! Aim for thirty minutes daily at the least. Go for a walk or jog. Hike the hill. Climb the stairs at the nearby park. Take a ride on a bike. Go swimming and striving for faster speed doing laps.
  2. Express yourself more in a positive way. Often anger goes with depression but it’s not okay to go around yelling and snapping at others. Learn to communicate in a positive way and do it.
  3. Take a bath or read. Do something where you experience pleasure.
  4. Take ten to fifteen minutes to imagine yourself succeeding . See yourself being happy. See yourself taking charge of your own life.
  5. Challenge negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones .
  6. Engage with people who supports you and are uplifting .

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