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Are You Really Self Aware? Confident? Dare to challenge it?

Would you consider yourself a confident person? Often this answer varies but most would say they could use improvement if being raw and real. Accepting who you are means you know who you are. Sadly, many men, women,and teenagers are truly lost on that entire journey of self-awareness.

First to determine if someone is truly with high self esteem and self awareness, what might you ask?

Maybe our first step should be to identify the definitions of each. For our journey this is where we begin. Self acceptance is to fully face both the light side and dark side of you. This is facing both past and present. It’s being raw and real about mistakes. It’s acknowledging thoughts good and bad. It’s being truly honest with yourself and being okay with yourself as a whole.

What lurks in the darker side of you?

You truly may not want to have to face it….

Self- Esteem has to come from within just as self acceptance must. To truly have good self love you have to make it about self!

“Self-esteem is the treasure many people look for in the wrong field. They seek it in approval of others and in their own external successes.”- Dale R. Olen, PHD,author of Life Skills Series(pg 18 Accepting Yourself)

Do you accept yourself?

Have you faced your darkness?

What is areas you could work on?

If you’d like to join in this journey on self awareness/self-esteem then stay tuned in for updates on the upcoming Bootcamp(Self Love and Self Rediscovery)!

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I hope to see you on this road to a better version of an amazing you!

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