TSC Contests!

Current :

Have you heard about the points system ? Earn points for being an active member of the community. Point amounts and values vary . Not able to be cashed in for any money value.

Participate in various ways such as commenting on blogs a related to post response. No spamming . Must be feedback on article and not simply you were there and read it.

Generally speaking, one pt for each blog you comment on.

Each blog share I one point but only counts once on social media and per one blog. If you share one blog six times to Facebook, it’s just one. If you share one blog to Twitter and Facebook, it’s still only one share.

Each e-mail you send with the completed assignment given on any e-mail series sent out during a 7 day period is 2 pts. Anotherwords, you cant send 2 months ago answers and get points. Must be current.

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