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Betrayl …The Murder of My Soul

abstract break broken broken glass
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There are betrayls that are minor and betrayls that are extreme. There are definitely levels to this knife through the heart for me. I’ve experienced more Betrayl in my life then loyalty. I believe some cuts leave deep wounds that may not show at the average eye, yet they are apparent to any soul with some depth in its views of this world. The Betrayl of those we love, well that’s as close to murdering a soul as it gets. Years of loyalty have us blinded that Betrayl is around the bend. Then bam . .. we are left with our insides exposed . Those of us who don’t let just anyone in and love deeply, we feel this pain more than most. The cuts are deeper and the scars forever change us. This is the case of the betrayls I’ve been jaded by…the reasons my soul cries out in agony…the reasons I don’t like letting people close….

Do you believe betrayls have different levels? Why/why not?

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