Dating Life to Married Lovers, Self love-Self Worth-Rediscovery

5 of My Biggies To Lead a Happier Life, Improve Self-Love, and Keep Positive Relationships!

  • Strive not to gossip and not to entertain gossip. You take in the negativity when you are hearing someone talk poorly of another person. It isn’t something you realize until you cut the gossiping from your life. I wanted to have a healthier me and as a challenge in the process, I asked myself what made me feel negative emotions. I acknowledged hearing people talk of other people poorly, not only made me feel drained after time but brought my mood down. So, whenever people talked to me and lead the conversation that direction, I simply said that as part of the working on myself process, I had to not speak of others in a way that isn’t uplifting and that I couldn’t hear it. I apologized and stayed firm. It took only days before I felt on cloud nine. I didn’t realize that this part of my life was such an issue until I examined myself and cut it out. That’s not to say that I’ll never hear it or slip, it’s to say I strive daily not to speak down on others or entertain that from others.
  • Let yourself change. Sometimes we resist changes because they make us scared. If it isn’t a bad change such : becoming cold to people, allow it. Positive changes are okay. This may mean reaching for the new promotion you secretly want. Cutting your hair a way you always wanted to try,etc.
  • Learn to say “No.” People will take advantage of those who can not stand their ground and tolerate some unpleasent moments. If you want respected,say what you mean and stand by it. “May I have ten bucks?” You know you only have ten and need gas so do the best possible thing for you, don’t fold.
  • Think before you speak when emotions are running high. It takes work to get there but way less regretted things get out and less arguements happen.
  • Be giving and consider others struggles. Do this but also do so with self love in place and not lacking . Another words, help others but only do so when it’s not self harming . Do not allow another human to take advantage of your kindness. Be able to say no. Put your own needs a top priority. Finding this balance between being a giver and knowingly pleasing users is a fine line that’s challenging.

“Put self love a priority in any situation where you are being a giver. Give out of kindness and not to please another. Don’t give to the point of self harm.”-Shannon Skidmore,2019

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